Beginnings of a Birthday Card

Today since I’m off work, I plan to get lots of things done around the house…. AND my mother in law’s birthday card. I originally saw this card idea by Jacqueline DeGroot on Pintrest, pinned, repinned and copied about a million times, but I was finally able to get the original source, (although unable to find it on her blog).

This is my inspiration:

And here’s what I’m going with:
I hope my mother in law likes it! Now, if I only had some spanish sentiment stamps! 

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The Wrong Way to Weld A Card

A lot of what I am learning is trial and error because though I do watch tutorials, I don’t always check them 24/7 and figure I can do it myself, only to waste a good piece of card stock cutting out an outline of a cupcake card that is clearly not going to fold correctly.

I do not have a good sense of visual/spatial alignment, clearly, because later, after cutting this out, and folding, I realized, DUH, they need to be mirror images of each other.

I still haven’t made the correct one, and may not have time this evening, but I thought I’d post this as an example of what not to do. For the future, I’ll be cutting first on a piece of scrap or copy paper before cutting my valuable cardstock. DOH!

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My New Silhouette Cameo -Unboxing

So, I just got a Silhouette Cameo. It literally got here in the mail last night. I was a little overwhelmed to open it because I really do not consider myself that creative but on the other hand was just itching to see what it could do.

I waited super long to open it, but finally did and here are some pics.

I decided to name this blog My Cameo Cuts to share things I realize on this electronic cutting adventure as well as share projects I make and how I did them. The web address is because really the only machine most people know like this is a cricut. But hopefully it will help more non-crafty people like me.