Quick Tip: Cameo Mat Moving Around

I just got off the phone with Silhouette – and had to edit this post after getting some great help!

So, something I learned rather quickly after ruining 2 pieces of cardstock on my new Silhouette Cameo. The mat was feeding initially, but then would start slanting and feeding totally wrong and end up at an angle not right for printing at all (I wish I had taken a photo! Super scary).

I had 2 problems, first, the mat was moving, then second, when I would load the mat with the paper in the way I thought was “right” the rollers would press down on the edges of my paper, causing the paper edges to tear when I tried to remove it.

Turns out, I was loading the mat in completely wrong! (thanks wrong youtube people!) The mat should be lined up with the gray line on the bottom part of the Cameo, not pushed all the way up against the gray cylinder! I was so far off.

If you are using letter size cardstock on the cameo (and not the full 12×12 mat), you need to move the plastic roller on the right in to the notches towards the middle so that the roller grabs the edge of the mat.

It was a little hard for me at first, because you have to push up the blue lever on the right end of the Cameo (by the printer head), grab the white roller (pretty hard), twist it hard, but not too hard as to break it, and slide it in to the next slots to the left. It does get softer as you do it a few times. Don’t forget to put the blue lever back down because then it really won’t feed correctly (3rd piece of cardstock ruined, but it was totally my fault- I was too excited that I had figured out my problem!).

Hope this helps if you find your mat isn’t feeding correctly like I did at first!

Below is the video to correctly load the mat into the Cameo: